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Dance your way to a professional career with HNC and HND fulltime dance courses in central Glasgow.

Study Dance Fulltime
in glasgow

Dance Inc Studio Centre is an SQA accredited centre offering HNC and HND courses aimed at gaining the skills needed to pursue a successful career in the dance industry.

At Dance Inc we have brought together a number of specialists in each of the dance disciplines to provide the highest level of industry led education, that will allow our students to confidently embark on a career in the Dance Industry.

Dance Inc Studio Centre dancers on stage

The Dance Inc. Ethos

As well as concentrating on developing technique and movement vocabulary, we also put a huge emphasis on physical and mental wellbeing, while developing entrepreneurial skills. Teaching our students not only how to look after themselves but also how to promote and sell themselves as performers, choreographers and teachers, so that they can build sustainable careers in various areas of the dance industry.

By creating positive working environments built on collaboration and industry connections we provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to build a network of contacts within the dance industry. By bringing up industry professionals from all over the UK and arranging for our students to train in places like LA and New York it allows them to work with some of the worlds most renowned choreographers and influential figures in the dance industry.

Why study in glasgow?

Known for being one of the most friendly cities in the world, you’ll experience Glasgow’s legendary music scene (gigs at the Barras – HELLO), green spaces to die for (90 gardens and parks to explore!), world class art galleries and museums, a fantastic foodie scene which caters to every taste and it’s a pretty decent city for shopping too!

Carli McKay - HND Year 2

"I'm in my third and final year at Dance Inc studio Centre and feel as though I have learned so much in my time being here. I came to college with a hip-hop/commercial based background and no technical training but will be leaving with so much more knowledge of styles such as ballet and jazz.

The support system at Dance Inc is amazing from the staff as well as my classmates which creates a sense of comfort for me personally as it is a space where I can make mistakes and be 100% myself without any judgement."

Georgia Smith - HNC Year 1

"Since joining Dance Inc. Studio Centre I am inspired everyday to be the best dancer I can possibly be.

The full program is pushing me physically and the wide variety of classes is preparing me for my professional journey.

The lecturers are professional, supportive and inspiring, looking after not only body but also mind."

Jenna Martin- HNC Year 1

"Since joining Dance Inc only 6 months ago I am constantly seeing improvements within myself, not just from a dance perspective. I feel I am constantly growing and learning new things as there’s such a wide variety of styles that are covered.

Each lecturer creates a safe environment in each class and takes the time to give us individual feedback.

Along with this, and the strong support system from our peers, my confidence as a performer is growing each week."

What do the Dance Inc.
students think?

At Dance Inc. Studio Centre, student satisfaction is high. Let our students tell you in their own words what they think of their time here!